Howard Webb To Referee World Cup Final

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Ever since England were knocked out of the World Cup in embarrassing style by Germany there’s been a growing support for Howard Webb. It was announced yesterday that Webb will referee the 2010 World Cup final and there are endless stories in the press about this.

Are we so pathetic and patriotic that we must find something or someone English to get behind to see us through to the end of the tournament? Will there be fans on Sunday in pubs kitted out in replica referee shirts cheering the decisions of the man in charge? Come off it. This is Howard Webb we’re talking about. Do we really care?

In just under 6 weeks time Webb will be in a very different position to the one he finds himself in now, he’ll be refereeing in the Premier League again and will be faced with a barrage of insults from the fans of whichever team happens to find themselves losing. There will be irate fans calling radio stations berating him and claiming he isn’t up to the job. And it doesn’t stop at the fans. The press are no strangers to criticising referees in an attempt to fill their column inches which is why I find the present situation a tad strange. No doubt it’s a great personal achievement for Webb, particularly after refereeing the Champions League final only a couple of months back but it really doesn’t warrant all the current media attention. Give us a real story. What’s Frank Lampard up to on his holiday with Christine Bleakley? And more importantly is he allowed to smile and laugh yet?

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  • Peter Gould

    Couldn’t agree more!

    I found it almost cringeworthy that the media were triumphing the fact that England had a representative in the World Cup final – are we that starved of success as a nation, that we cheer on our referees these days?

    The hypocrisy of it all is also so true – I give it 6 weeks before once again Mr Webb will be the villain, players like Lampard and Rooney will be world beaters once more, and after a comfortable friendly win over Hungary, England will be championed to dominate the international football scene for decades to come.