Robbie Savage Takes His Ballroom Dancing To The Pitch…

I’m sure you have heard that Robbie Savage is doing Strictly Come Dancing this year, you may have even tuned in to watch him flopping about.  Well the footballer-cum-pundit decided to provide some unique half-time entertainment for the fans at the Madejski stadium on Tuesday night…

YouTube Preview Image

We all know Savage was a twat when he played, a bit dirty and most annoyingly could dish it out but couldn’t take it back. You would see him shamelessly rolling about trying to get opponents in trouble with the ref, yeah, one of those kind of twats (ahem – Suarez).

A theatrical little bugger, which is perhaps why ballroom dancing doesn’t look too out of place with him. Savage took his shamelessness to new levels yesterday by performing a routine from Strictly Come Dancing at halftime at the Madejski yesterday for the Reading and travelling Derby fans – with regular dance partner Ola Jordan.

Fair play Mr Savage, it takes some balls to do that.