Same old story for Ronaldo…

One of the reasons Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid was so that his skill could be appreciated more without the physical aspects he suffered in the Premier League

This video shows he has still not escaped those nasty challenges as Juve’s Grygera commits this horrible foul. You see him rolling around and think hes feigning injury but this is a genuinely horrible tackle. It just goes to show they will deal with you like this anywhere Ronny, so you should have stayed at United.

Players may still be up to their old tricks in dealing with the lad, but it looks like Ronaldo still might be up to his. Again from the Peace Cup, this time against Liga de Quito.

Must be windy in the Bernabeu…


  • Ben

    Grygera challenge is awful. Blatant red card.
    Ronaldo’s dive is pretty poor in 2nd video

  • Matt Pottinger

    That first foul is awful. People always assume that English football is the most rough and in the sense that there are more hard challenges they’re probably right. It should be noted however that these fouls in England are genuine attempts to win the ball. In Europe you see more fouls like Juve’s there where the player is plainly just trying to injure the player.

    Good luck getting battered next season Ronaldo, because defenders in Spain won’t even try and get the ball off you.