Top 10 of the week – Worst haircuts


A haircut says a lot about who we are…or something like that? – Here are some crap haircuts to have a look at. Countdown commence.

article-0-0218CE2C00000578-346_306x423 10.Fabio Coloccini ‘ The Sideshow bob’

Fabio certainly has a haircut that makes him look like a clown, you could say it was poetic – considering his comic antics for Newcastle. It’s surprised me that the Argentine international has not started wearing a red nose to match the read face he sported on many occasions last season.

Football - Aston Villa v Everton Barclays Premier League9. Marouane Fellaini ‘ The Screech afro’

Does anyone remember Saved by the Bell? – well Fellaini certainly does because he bases his Barnet on the shows most lovable character.  The sales of novelty wigs went through the roof last year as many Toffee’s fans felt his afro was some sort of lucky charm…well they did come 5th with no strikers.

romaniateam1998_40266d8.Romania ‘ Blonde on Blonde’

For the 1998 World cup game against Tunisia the Romania’s thought it was a good idea to go blonde on Groups C’s ass. They needed a point to qualify and succeed, but then got beat by Croatia in the next round – so a waste of time really.

David Seaman Announces His Retirement Due To Shoulder Injury7.David Seaman ‘The horse tail’

The pony tail mustache combo has never been a good look, it should have stayed in the 80′s, with the prog rockers and pop ponces – where it deserves to be. Seaman did however decide to chop it off  to raise £10,000 for the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK. Good on him!

bobbyc6.Bobby Chalton – ‘the combover’

You have to love the effort of some codgers to hold on to there few remaining strands of hair. However Bobby was at the stage where holding on was no longer an option, it had to be time for the chop.

taribo_west5.Taribo west – ‘The shrek’

Taribo is renowned for having a crazy haircut, but this tops them all. I don’t know who told him that horns and a mini dred thing was a good look and honestly I don’t want to.

_42359318_james_pa4.David James – Clark kent

I bet you were wondering when James would pop up on this list, but what you should have been pondering was what hair cut it would be. Well his best superman impression wins it.

2423845808_67ee43b8883.Abel Xavier – ‘the trendy chubakah’

Abel had a rather eventful career, he played either-side of Stanley Park, as well as at Middlesbrough in England, before he retired after a season at LA Galaxy. What I want to know is why Beckham didn’t have a word with his team mate recommending a better stylist…actually scrap that!

Carlos+Valderama2. Carlos Valderrama

The picture says a thousand words.

Ronaldo-7649171. Ronaldo – ‘The duck bill’

We all remember how this stupid haircut was considered a catalyst for the strikers revival in the 2002 World Cup. It  saw Brazil take the trophy and Ronaldo take the golden boot but I am not convinced – it looks like the barber’s razor ran out of batteries. It’s just stupid, and a worthy winner

<a href=” Camoranesi&iid=3129628″ target=”_blank”><img src=”″ width=”380″ height=”451″  border=”0″ alt=”Sports – November 17, 2007″/></a><script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

here for the footballing journey.


  • Ash

    brilliant top 10. i dont get why you didnt put cisse in but then again he could have his very own top 10

  • wllmhll

    ronaldo ruined all the pictures from that world cup final.

  • Mark

    jermaine defoe’s wembley arch is worth a hounrable mention, as is bechkams mohawk.