Top 10 of the week – Injuries both funny and ugly.

We are cheating a bit this week by breaking our top 10 into two parts. The reason for this is because injuries fall into three different categories. 1) Boring. They pulled their hammy, waaa,  2) Stupid footballer’s getting injured in unorthodox ways (our personal favourite) and 3) horrible leg breaks that turn your stomach (The two later make this list…)


The funnies

10. Leroy Lita

If you’re Leroy Lita you are more likely to injure yourself while resting in comparison to, well, sitting on the subs bench. The Middlesbrough man missed the first month of the 2007-08 Premier League season after damaging a leg muscle as he stretched in bed after waking up.

9. Fábio Aurélio

Some say kids can be dangerous, but if you’re Fabio Aurélio you’re, perhaps more of a danger to yourself. HE injured himself  after a kick around with his kids at a beach on holiday turned nasty when the full-back jarred his knee, ruining his pre-season preparations and forcing him to the sidelines for the first two months of the season.

8. Rio Ferdinand

Back in February 2001 Ferdinand proved that 90% of accidents happen in the home. DIY? – nope. He was resting his leg on a coffee table for a number of hours, only to find out he had strained a tendon behind his knee. The defender was absence of two games which he spent, one would assume, sat at home with his feet up watching TV.

7. Richard Wright

Its always the keepers! Wright is at fault for two stupidities which are as followed:

  1. In summer 2003 he was packing his suitcases after a holiday away when he fell off a loft ladder and damaged a shoulder and wrecking his pre-season preparations.
  2. he injured his ankle falling over a sign in the warm-up, prior to an FA Cup game with Chelsea ,Iain Turner, a reserve, was forced to deputise. Everton lost the game 4-1. HA.

6. Dave Beasant

Safe hands keeper! Well not in Dave’s case after a jar of salad cream left the 1993-94 Chelsea squad without their first choice goalkeeper. The injury: a blackbig toe and a torn tendon. Ouch! t

The cringies – Top 5 leg break video


YouTube Preview Image

Here  Alex Wistel brutally stamps on Wasilewski with no remorse. Deservedly sent off.

4. Djibril Cisse

Cisse is renown for breaking his leg after doing it twice.  First for Liverpool and then for France.

3. Henrik larsson

Celtic legend and cult hero during his short spells hat Man Utd and Barcelona did well to recover from this horror injury.

2. Eduardo

Now back to his diving best, Eduardo didn’t have the best of starts to his Arsenal career after loosing nearly a season to this hefty challenge – he’s not been the same since.

1. David Busst

Even 22 operations was not enough to save David Busst’s career. This is easily the worst leg break ever, stopping the game  for 12 minutes as the blood was cleared from the pitch. Even the great Dane, Peter Schmeichel needed councilling after the match to get over the tragedy of what he saw that day.

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  • Andy

    I dont even want to see Busst’s break I’m glad you can barely see it. hat about Luc Nilis?

  • Ash

    luc nilis i remember the back pages of the tabloids the day after that one horrendous.

    and as for busst im pretty sure schmeical or irwin threw up after seeing it…

  • Shaw

    Big dane threw up

  • Joe

    I believe that Richard Wright’s falling off a ladder from his loft is the official statement about his injury, however, it was rumored that Wright enjoyed riding quad bikes, and after the clubs request to stop this hobby otherwise risk facing punishment, he fell off his quad bike and broke his wrist…

  • Ash

    camberley town gaffer (wheeeeeeeeeey) Darren Barnard slipped over in his new puppys piss and was out for 5 months with ligament damage.
    he got the nickname whiz kid after ahahaha