Top 10 of the Week – Surviving the summer break…

There are no matches on TV worth watching, your Sunday league team is down to 8 people while everyone takes a holiday – rendering training as pointless, and there is nothing to good to read beyond ridiculous transfer rumours.  But fear not  because ITS are about to give you ten ways to keep football in your life…

10. Play football games

We’ll start off quite simple by suggesting that you invite some mates round for a fifa marathon. Complemented by a few brewskys this should keep your mind off the lack of football. If this get boring why not try dusting off the old consoles and re igniting some classics, such as: FIFA 97/98/99, Football Italia 90, Kick-off, World Cup 98 (Take off fouls for added entertainment), This is Football (Just for the dive button) and David Beckham Soccer (Okay, I’d avoid the last one)

9. Watch the classics

If you have either Sky Sports or ESPN classics  then you’re in luck. Both are likely to have at least one show a day that re-lives a classic Premiership season  Alternativly, go on you tube and search for classic moments – like we have done.

8. Look into continental football for next year

If only James Richardson’s Football Italia was still going – :(

It is always worth looking out for games from on the continent during the regular season. Sky always seems to keep an eye on La Liga whereas ESPN usually have two or three games a weekend from Italy and/or Germany. So get to know your stuff for next year by reading up on these exciting leagues.

7. Go on eBay and start buying weird football stuff

Find a signed photo of Zola, buy a funky 1996 Liverpool shirt, or even invest in a Manchester United tea cosy – Whatever you fancy, eBay has all kinds of crap waiting to be bought by an adoring football fan. So go on! You know you need a Glen Hoddle pint glass.

6. Get out the Subbuteo

Yes, that right, clear the dining room table because for one day only its 1980 again (Essentially, when games consoles didn’t exist) Although I doubt anyone ever knew the rules to Subbuteo - but if I was to take an educated guess I would say it involves flicking bits of plastic around until someone gets frustrated or over excited and sweeps the pitch off the table.

5. Play the football Wikipedia game (Needs a strong knowledge of football)

Don’t play if you’re Justin, he doesn’t know his shit!
Basically challenge your mates, in less than six moves, to get from one random player to another (Either lowest amount of moves or fastest wins) For example: Jermaine Defoe to Karl-Heinz Riedle would go like this – Defoe – Tottenham Hotspur – Premier League – Fulham (Look down page to managers, then temporary managers – Karl-Heinz Riedle. Who’d have thought.

4. Play football indoors

Unbelievable Trekkers
With the Sunday league team dwindling why not  take the football indoors. For best results; find 10 people and don’t eat just before you play…trust me.

3. Read up on the stuff

There are some wonderful publications based on the tactics for football, which as of late seems to be the thing to discuss in the modern game. Zonal Marking has a great selection of books they recommend – I myself have read Inventing the Pyramid and loved it – not just for its content, but for the engaging way it is delivered.

2.  Start a football blog

We did it and we are all idiots. It’s good fun, it looks great on your CV and if it’s successful you can make yourself some spare cash. Alternately, If you don’t have time for this then just go on a blog and help to generate a discussion from their articles…hint, hint.

1. Load up football Manager again

I’d suggest not playing a version this old
I know you split-up with your girlfriend and almost lost your job last time you put the disc in, but it doesn’t have to consume your life…honest! A few hours a day or with the game in the background can help to distance you slightly from getting hooked and majorly addicted to the game. Try listening to music; keep another computer in front of you with your e-mails up to stay connected to the real world. Maybe even talk to your girlfriends/ boyfriend (I’m not discriminating) while you’re playing; fashioning a headband out of your swimming goggles to stay hands free (It you begin to go crazy after conceding in the 93rd minute, remember, you stubbed your toe). But if you’re like me and it becomes too much just uninstall, sometimes it’s just not worth it.

here for the footballing journey.


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