Top 10 of the week: Footballing moustaches

In light of Newcastle United and namely Joey Barton’s lip fuzz growing efforts, I feel it is apt that I should have a look at ten other moustaches that have taken the footballing world by storm. Some may be good, some may be bad, all will be entertaining…

10. Gary Neville

Perhaps a strange choice for a player that hates the scousers so much. Tache growing is a second nature to Liverpudlians but Gary proves that Mancunians can do it too.

9. Henrik Larsson

Sometimes a tash looks bad on a person, that’s just a fact, but Larsson seems to think that this doesn’t apply to him. Sorry buddy but it does. ITS appreciates the effort though.

8. Graeme Souness

Like any good Liverpool player, Souness pulls a tash off like a pro. Maybe if he kept it through his managerial career he might have been more successful.

7. Hugo Almedia

Men like to experiment with shaving,  it may work but most of us who try a tash realise after five minutes that this just isn’t the look for me. Hugo didn’t have this realisation.

6. Michael Ballack

Who knew Ballack could grow such a quality tash? Well not a soul until he grew this one for a Mercedes advert. He should have seriously considered keeping it.

5. Raymond Domenech

Raymond should have kept to moustache growing instead of believing in astrology, trust me Anelka or Evra would not have messed with a dude with facial hair this impressive.

4. Chris Kammy

Klassic Kammy, Classic tache!

3. Ian Rush

Another Liverpool player with outstanding tache growing abilities, Ian Rush fused facial hair with ferocious finishing to become one of the Kops greatest players.

2. Thierry Henry

Fresh from a 70′s cop sitcom or at the last station on the soul train. The French star sure knows how to rock the tache, and I say bring it back.

1. David Seaman

I will keep this simple…could it have been anyone else at number one?

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