Top 10 Of The Week – Football Songs


Right for this weeks top 10 we bring you our most cherished football anthems, Countdown please.

10. Collapsed Lung – Eat my Goal - A one-hit wonder for this Indie band. Used in Coca Cola’s classic – Football  Eat, Sleep, Drink ad and also on LMA Manager 2001.

Listen to song here

9. Match of the Day theme tune - A timeless classic. We all know once we hear the first this song it calls for silence in the room.

8. Al Hoffman, Dick Manning, and Bix Reichner – Papa loves mambo – The best-known version of this song was recorded by Perry Como on August 31, 1954.You will remember this fitting the samba mood in the Brazil vs. Portugal Nike ad.

Watch Nike Ad here

7. Chumbawamba- Tubthumping - A song for all those lager louts out there. “I get knocked down, but i get up again”. It was even used in the Official EA World Cup 1998 game.

6. Belle and Spurling – Sven, Sven, Sven -Terrible and brilliant at the same time. These jokers, also responsible for the awful ‘golden balls song’, wrote this to gloat further about that 5-1 victory that you may have probably heard of.

Watch music video here

5. Bellini – Samba De Janeiro - This song is classic samba. Capturing the Brazilian flair so regularly associated with football.  It is rare not to hear this blasted on the PA systems at most grounds around the world.

Watch music video here

4. The Anfield Rap - The cheesy tune of the list.  I’m sure like me your scratching your heads discontented at the fact that Barnes’ rap career never took off.

Watch rap here

3. Fat Les – Vindaloo – Were gunna score one more that you! – On the list na, na, na.

Watch music video here

2. New Order – World In Motion -  Good band – check. A World Cup England is in -  check, Barnes on the mic again – check,check and check. “There’s only one way to beat them, it’s round the back!” – Such wise words.

Watch music video here

1. Lightning Seeds – Three Lions 96/98 – I’m not even going to justify its place. The definitive football song. END OF.

top three worst – 3. Andy Cole – Outstanding…break it down, 2. Crazy Frog…enough said 1. Gazza – Fog On the Tyne


here for the footballing journey.


  • Ollie

    MAS QUE NADA!! Sergio Mendez

    number one for sure!