The Daily Rant: You Don’t Know Football

James Shaw may run a football blog but he knows nothing about football, according to everyone he meets…

Currently I work in a pub and on more than one occasion my knowledge about football has been questioned. I’m not sure if it is my age, appearance, or general demeanour but I am not seen or respected as a football fan.

For example, I pointed out to a regular who happened to be Scottish, that the pace of Brazil’s attack would decide the game even in a friendly. He then snapped, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about, and then gruffed ‘you know nothing about football’. I thought I made a valid point; Charlie Adam didn’t trip Neymar because he was too slow?

Usually I would let something like this go, just to avoid an argument, but his ignorance annoyed me. ‘I know a lot about football actually’ I explained. Again he grunted, ‘no you don’t, your‘re too young’ and then looked at me offended that I had questioned his authority. He then proceeded to ask me an arbitrary question that he felt restored the hierarchy: ‘What was the first All-seater stadium in Britain?’

As he was Scottish and mentioned Britain I guessed Easter Road, Hibernian then Pittodrie, Aberdeen (Who were in fact the second club to do so), but I was wrong. He then returned to his seat after ordering two more beers and finished with, ‘and don’t cheat by using your phone*’ – I smirked, but deep inside I was fuming. He had won his argument and he still thought he was a footballing messiah whereas to him I was a stupid worthless kid.

*Eventually, I did use my phone and the answer was Kibowie Park the former home of Clydebank F.C.

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