Freddie Said A Naughty Word…

Ummmm, naughty Freddie Ljungberg said the S word on Match Of The Day 2 at about 11pm last night…. For those who were offended, try going to a football game. If you’re a parent of a kid who saw it, be a better parent – they shouldn’t be awake that late. Football is a sweary sport motherfuckaaaas! Tweet Continue Reading →

“Dont Know How You F*cking Won That”

Neil Warnock is a proper Yorkshireman with whom a spade will always be a spade. During the handshakes after his sides 1-0 loss to Southampton, the new Leeds manager didn’t hide his feelings from his opposite number… And he was right. All the stats back him up with Leeds having 56% possession and having 22 shots, with 12 on target, compared to Southampton’s 7  with 4. What the stats don’t show is the insane goalkeeping performance from Saints ‘keeper Kelvin Davis, as ... Continue Reading →

Drogba’s thoughts on Rooney’s Outburst.

ITS caught up with the Chelsea star to find out his real feelings on Wayne Rooney’s West Ham antics….. The irony…. Tweet Continue Reading →

Video: Wayne Rooney Swearing At Cameras vs West Ham

The FA are ready throw the book at Manchester United star Wayne Rooney after the striker angrily swore at television cameras during his sides’ emphatic 4-2 win over West Ham on Saturday. After tucking home a 78th minute penalty to complete a dramatic turnaround and his fifth hat-trick for the Red Devils, ‘Wazza’ proceeded to throw a foul-mouthed, scorn-filled, x-rated expletives at live television cameras. SKY promptly cut away from the United celebrations and apologized to viewers and now ... Continue Reading →

Did I Just See That?

Who: Alan Pardew When: A year ago on MOTD Where: The Match of the Day studios  What: A classic bit of commentary! I remember watching this Match of the Day and I was instantly shocked but then filled with glee. Commentary should be more like this and Pardew is by far better than the ‘y’know’ generation guests such as Kev Phillips and Robbie Savage. The comment led to 35 complaints to the BBC, which is always good to see, unless your the MOTD P.R guy who probably had to ... Continue Reading →

Geordie Comedy Gold… Joe Kinnear’s first press conference

A new week, another instalment of Geordie Comedy Gold. This week I give you Joe Kinnear’s first press conference for the club. He was installed as interim boss following Keegan’s resignation and did a good job with the side before falling ill. This press conference earned the F in his nickname JFK. This video contains a lot and I mean a lot of swearing, so if that bothers you, don’t listen. You have been warned… Tweet Continue Reading →

Drogba speaks out about Barca madness…

This article may be a few days/weeks late being published, but I couldn’t resist showing the video below. Didier Drogba, rightly so had a temper tantrum when Chelsea were knocked out of the Champions League. He received a four match ban from UEFA, which is currently subject to appeal. In the meanwhile Drogba has said: “I’ve had my share of criticism in the past and my behaviour against Barcelona is still bothering me very much because it was not right. I will do my suspension and ... Continue Reading →