Freddie Said A Naughty Word…

Ummmm, naughty Freddie Ljungberg said the S word on Match Of The Day 2 at about 11pm last night…. For those who were offended, try going to a football game. If you’re a parent of a kid who saw it, be a better parent – they shouldn’t be awake that late. Football is a sweary sport motherfuckaaaas! Tweet Continue Reading →

The Escapist Parallax that is Match of the Day

Parallax is a displacement or difference in the apparent position of an object viewed along two different lines of sight. The same scientific practice can be applied to Match of the Day as James Shaw will vividly discuss.  Entertainment is, and can certainly be construed, as simplistic. As one theoretical term alludes to; entertainment is a form of escapism. During the great depression in the late 1920′s and throughout the 1930′s America Musical’s was the most viewed ... Continue Reading →

After 8-2 Obliteration Should Arsenal Fans Commit Suicide?

In The Stands’ Rolly Pelovangu takes a satirical look back at Arsenal’s 8-2 mauling at the hands of Manchester United. Monsieur Wenger is seemingly an intelligent man, very philosophical in fact. So upon mentioning the name Albert Camus, the belated Gunners boss will know exactly who I mean. Albert Camus was an eminent 20th century French-Algerian philosopher who popularized the term ‘absurdism’. Never could one envisage mixing philosophical discourses with football, but after the 8-2 evisceration ... Continue Reading →

Joey Barton’s Punch…

Last night Newcastle suffered a 2-1 defeat at home to Blackburn, much to the frustration of Joey Barton… I have been impressed with Barton this season especially with his ability to pick out the right pass. But it appears that he still needs to grow up, keeping that anger out of the game. Barton should know that the second he does something wrong he’s going to get a barrage of negative media. This perhaps forced the FA to act as quickly as they have in giving him a three match ban, ... Continue Reading →

Did I Just See That?

Who: Alan Pardew When: A year ago on MOTD Where: The Match of the Day studios  What: A classic bit of commentary! I remember watching this Match of the Day and I was instantly shocked but then filled with glee. Commentary should be more like this and Pardew is by far better than the ‘y’know’ generation guests such as Kev Phillips and Robbie Savage. The comment led to 35 complaints to the BBC, which is always good to see, unless your the MOTD P.R guy who probably had to ... Continue Reading →

The Daily Rant…MOTD2: A Horror-show

Moaning about Match of the Day has become a regular occurrence at In The Stands, but last night added fuel to this fire… Q: What do Gabby Logan and Roy Hodgson have in common? A: They are both considered lucky to be in a job. Before watching MOTD2 I got into the Halloween mood by watching the later part of the Exorcist as well as  The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Original, obviously). But not even these could eclipse or overcome the fright I had after watching an unsightly hour of Gabby Logan, ... Continue Reading →

The Daily Rant…Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen has been playing the ‘I know how to defend’ card for years, but football has changed and I am sick of the same boring analysis every Saturday night…Hansen your time is up! Although I point out that his repetitive defensive analysis as his main weakness, it isn’t, it’s his journalism. Many articles he writes for the BBC and the Telegraph seem dated, he uses little to back up his opinions – making outlandish statements that mean very liitle ... Continue Reading →

The Daily Rant…MOTD

Recently I read an article by Stan Collymore in which he had a jibe at match of the day, and I have to say, I agree with him… The former dogged Liverpool man, posted on his Twitter account that, ‘I’ve watched it for 33 years but, right now, in my opinion as a football fan, it’s c**p, and like dinosaur football’. As a former pundit on the show Collymore may have a point. Normally when I watch Match of the Day I am screaming at the screen in protest of some of their stupid ... Continue Reading →

Fact of the Day!

The song that’s played during the ‘coming up’ section of Match of the Day is: Favorite Colour by Canadian rockers Tokyo Police Club. Have a look! Tweet Continue Reading →

Top 10 Of The Week – Football Songs

Right for this weeks top 10 we bring you our most cherished football anthems, Countdown please. 10. Collapsed Lung – Eat my Goal - A one-hit wonder for this Indie band. Used in Coca Cola’s classic – Football  Eat, Sleep, Drink ad and also on LMA Manager 2001. Listen to song here 9. Match of the Day theme tune - A timeless classic. We all know once we hear the first this song it calls for silence in the room. 8. Al Hoffman, Dick Manning, and Bix Reichner – Papa loves mambo ... Continue Reading →