In Awe of David Moyes

Year after year Everton defy the odds with a team thin on the ground. But now they seem to have a side that is strong and settled. Can this be the year that David Moyes and the Toffees finally win the silverware they truly desire.  Starting from the back and based on last year’s record Everton had the third best defence in the division. Their defensive unit – for the most part has remained consistent with Howard in goal, Baines left, Neville or Hibert right and Distan, Jagielka or Heitinga ... Continue Reading →

What haircut should you have this season?

If Pottinger can do girly magazine charts (that men secretly love) then so can I. This flow chart will hopefully give you ammunition for the next time you go to the barbers. I hope you have found one that suits you! Tweet Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the week – Worst haircuts

A haircut says a lot about who we are…or something like that? – Here are some crap haircuts to have a look at. Countdown commence. 10.Fabio Coloccini ‘ The Sideshow bob’ Fabio certainly has a haircut that makes him look like a clown, you could say it was poetic – considering his comic antics for Newcastle. It’s surprised me that the Argentine international has not started wearing a red nose to match the read face he sported on many occasions last season. 9. Marouane ... Continue Reading →