Ashley Cole to Buy Cheryl Cole a Dog!

Ashley Cole is to buy Cheryl Cole a pet Chihuahua as he continues to woo the downtrodden former Girls Aloud star into accepting him back. Once again heads were turned at the In The Stands offices as we shift through the best of today’s ‘football’ news. Of course, the Chelsea fullback is never far from the front pages with The Sun now reporting that Ashley Cole is buying ex-wife Cheryl a Chihuahua puppy for her birthday. Cole is ever hopeful that he will be able to win over Cheryl Cole following ... Continue Reading →

Cheryl Cole and Ashley Cole Set to be United Again?

  Cheryl Cole is contemplating giving Ashley Cole yet another chance as she spent a night with him at their old home. In The Stands’ Rolly Pelovangu diverges from the football talk to investigate!   OK it is not necessarily football related, but the Chelsea fullback has been wooing and soothing his ex after she has been going through some soul-searching in the wake of being ditched from the US version of the X-Factor by Simon Cowell. Ashley Cole infamously broke Cheryl Cole’s heart after ... Continue Reading →