Too Much Finances & Money Is Wasted In Football

In The Stands’ Rolly Pelovangu explores the world of football finance taking care not to spill his tea as he cringes at the level of money wasted in the game nowadays. The end. And that was that. It had taken me just under 2 hours to read from cover-to-cover the ‘I am The Secret Footballer’ book written by an anonymous pro who having played the game at the highest level, now is determined to declassify all the murky details from the football world. “It is often said that 95% of what happens ... Continue Reading →

Football vs. Football: Pitch Invaders

In the realm of sport, there is a constant observance of the two games, football and soccer. Seemingly, these two games repeatedly are seen as total opposites of each other. One played with feet, one with hands. One demands constant replays and call reviews, while one cherishes the controversial decisions in the heat of the moment. Both sports, to me, are very entertaining. Another difference that has appeared in recent weeks is the dealing with fan interference. This last December, in a Dutch ... Continue Reading →

Music and Football – ITV Overlay Music

Football and Music never meets, well rarely – unless it does and I’m too stupid to realise. Anyway, were you wondering what song is played at half time during ITV’s coverage of Football? No? Well here you go anyway, you ungrateful so-and-so’s  Now I leave you with my good friend Mr. Wiki Wiki to give you some background on the band. “Death Cab for Cutie is an American alternative rock band formed in Bellingham, Washington in 1997.The band consists of Ben Gibbard (vocals, ... Continue Reading →

Various XI’s: Football Kings

Various XI’s isn’t there for us to pick out our favourite footballers of all time, it’s there make us struggle. This week we set ourselves the task of picking eleven footballers with the surname ‘King’ to fill out a team sheet. GK:Bryan King Thought by most Millwall fans as The Lions best-ever goalkeeper . He spent eight seasons at The Den and still holds the record for a Millwall  goalkeeper of 168 consecutive Football League appearances. LB:  John King More successful as ... Continue Reading →

Dissilusions of a Football Blogger: 22 (Twenty Two)

I’m back, and I’m more disillusioned than ever. Now to start my rant I give you the number 22. You see 22 is a bullshit number. On the show Most Evil, for example, a forensic psychiatrist scales from 1 to 22, evilness is mentally evaluated – thus making 22 the most evil. Then you have Catch-22, which doesn’t help anyone. Also it’s a shirt number no footballer ever wants to wear. In the premiership, unless you’re Jussi Jääskeläinen or Simon Mignolet, it’s a number for reserve ... Continue Reading →

Crashing the Wedding (of a footballer)

Yesterday I crashed the wedding of a footballer. What footballer you ask? Who cares – what I did was an outstanding example of humility. I’m a traditionalist. Wedding’s are a sacred act – to have and to hold, to be faithful – it’s a promise not to be broken. But this footballer broke it. He shagged everything in his sights – he even considered a transvestite – anything his could get his filthy mitts on…I just could not let this farcical marriage ... Continue Reading →

Shay Given Completes Villa Move…

Exclusive: Read all about it, Shay Given decides that he actually wants to play football after joining, basically Newcastle again… Given AVTV exclusive by rbondy007 Quick rundown: Aston Villa is a big club (Used to be), joke about goalkeeper age – best years to come (Cheap laugh) , It will be a pleasure to play behind Richard Dunne (Inside joke – Obviously it won’t be)…   Tweet Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week – Surviving the summer break…

There are no matches on TV worth watching, your Sunday league team is down to 8 people while everyone takes a holiday – rendering training as pointless, and there is nothing to good to read beyond ridiculous transfer rumours.  But fear not  because ITS are about to give you ten ways to keep football in your life… 10. Play football games We’ll start off quite simple by suggesting that you invite some mates round for a fifa marathon. Complemented by a few brewskys this should keep ... Continue Reading →

Wembley to Host the 2013 UEFA Champions League Final

The 2013 UEFA Champions League Final will be hosted at Wembley once again UEFA President Michel Platini revealed. The decision to host both the UEFA Champions League and UEFA’s Congress at Wembley once again are to mark the “exceptional circumstances” of the Football Association’s 150th anniversary in 2013, Platini told a news conference. “There are always many candidates for the Champions League final and the Congress but this is to mark the special year of the English ... Continue Reading →

Disillusions of a Football Blogger Pt.6: The Interview

Suited and wearing a smile James turned up to the swanky ******** offices with a rich vein of confidence. This slowly demised however when I was asked about the legitimacy of this website. Interview with a Douchebag Scene one: Int Day: ********** offices. It is 9.50am and James Robert Shaw – wearing a grey, fitted suit complimented by a crisp white shirt, a navy skinny tie and a pair of dark brown loafers – is told by his interviewer to sit and wait. The interviewer; wearing a clumsy ... Continue Reading →

If only football was cool…

What football is…Shallow, consumerist, money grabbing entertainment. What football is doing to me… What I want football to be…an eclectic and emotional being that brings a community together That is all…     Tweet Continue Reading →

Disillusions of a football blogger Pt. 5

Football blogging is perhaps the best job ever – the problem is that it is not a job! James Robert Shaw laments… At the time of writing this piece I am sitting at a desk in London undertaking a rather meagre marketing internship. The time is 8.32am and on seven hours sleep I feel rather lethargic and devoid of the enthusiasm needed to get me through an arduous day of spreadsheet’s, conference calls, and low-level marketing. Blogging, for now, has taken the back seat and – as I continue ... Continue Reading →