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VIDEO: Robbie Fowler Compares Torres and Vertonghen to ‘Girls!’

The BBC have been criticized for forcing pundit Robbie Fowler to apologise to viewers live on air after comparing Fernando Torres and Jan Vertonghen to girls! Fowler’s comments came in the wake of Tottenham’s 1-1 draw with Chelsea at White Hart Lane on Saturday in a fiery London derby. In a tightly contested match Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen and Blues striker Fernando Torres were involved in several off-the-ball incidents culminating in Torres being dismissed 10 minutes from time. Torres’ ... Continue Reading →

Freddie Said A Naughty Word…

Ummmm, naughty Freddie Ljungberg said the S word on Match Of The Day 2 at about 11pm last night…. For those who were offended, try going to a football game. If you’re a parent of a kid who saw it, be a better parent – they shouldn’t be awake that late. Football is a sweary sport motherfuckaaaas! Tweet Continue Reading →

Probably the least funny thing I have ever seen…

I’m not sure I’m going to bother giving this a misleading title like the sun, Instead I’m going to criticise the BBC for being as funny as it is to hear your parents have sex…yeah! Sort it out BBC! Tweet Continue Reading →

Premiership Predictions…(4-5/1/2011)

We apologise for missing the last three or four rounds of predictions while celebrating the Christmas/ New Year’s break, but now were back to guess wrong yet again!.. Ronaldinho to Blackburn?… surely not! TUESDAY Blackpool v Birmingham – Blackpool continue to defy expectations, free-scoring beyond their quota - with ideas above their station. As for Birmingham their top scorer is Midfielder Craig Gardner (5) which says a lot…this is a must win for them and I have a sneaky ... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why England Didn’t Win the 2018 World Cup Bid (Part 2)

Part two of my eight reasons for England’s failure to win the World Cup bid, read part one here… 5. Football is already massively followed FIFA’s motto is: For the Game, For the World – which says a lot about what they want to achieve as a governing body.  England already represents football, aside from Real Madrid, Manchester United are the most supported club in the World whereas the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham also have a huge  global following. Of the ... Continue Reading →

8 Reasons Why England Didn’t Win the 2018 World Cup Bid (Part 1)

There are many reasons as to why England were not chosen to host the 2018 World Cup, but I have picked out 8 which seem to be the most potent…. 1. Football hooliganism England fans, although they have been better in recent years, still hold this stigma as no-good thugs. Our behaviour at both Euro ’96 and the ’98 world cup still do little to eradicate our negative press and unfortunately FIFA are like Elephants…they never forget. Fortunately for the rest of the World, Russia and ... Continue Reading →

Is Our World Cup Bid in Tatters?

Controversy – A word that seems to constantly mar football is again ever present as FIFA draw a close to deciding on a venue… For the Game.For the World – Irony? With only two days to the bid, our chances appear considerably slim. The Lord Treisman debacle as well as early allegations that three FIFA committee members took bribes to sway their decision towards England, didn’t make good reading. But BBC show Panorama and their investigation into FIFA corruption may leave a sour ... Continue Reading →

The Daily Rant…Alan Hansen

As promised another rant about Hansen. This time i’m going to take it out of context by having a go at some of his shameless advertising… Awful I know. But Hansen’s advertising chops didn’t stop there and continued with some god awful Morrison adverts. Oh and this is to add to his 1.4 million pound a year BBC salary Tweet Continue Reading →

The Daily Rant…Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen has been playing the ‘I know how to defend’ card for years, but football has changed and I am sick of the same boring analysis every Saturday night…Hansen your time is up! Although I point out that his repetitive defensive analysis as his main weakness, it isn’t, it’s his journalism. Many articles he writes for the BBC and the Telegraph seem dated, he uses little to back up his opinions – making outlandish statements that mean very liitle ... Continue Reading →

Fact of the Day!

The song that’s played during the ‘coming up’ section of Match of the Day is: Favorite Colour by Canadian rockers Tokyo Police Club. Have a look! Tweet Continue Reading →

Five players that have impressed me so far…

If BBC can do it, then so we can we…. 5. Andy Carroll In all honesty I thought Carroll would be out of his depth in the Premier League, but 4 goals in three games proves otherwise. Time will tell if this is some early fluke or the sign of promise for Newcastle and England. 4. Sylvan Ebanks Blake Like Carroll Ebanks-Blake took the Championship by storm, albeit a year earlier. However in the Premiership the Wolves striker struggled with injury and poor form, ending the season with a frankly embarrassing two ... Continue Reading →

Tevez rocks…

On my daily scout of BBC rumours I came across this… “Manchester City’s Argentine striker Carlos Tevez has offered Oasis stars Liam and Noel Gallagher free Latin dance classes in exchange for a music masterclass for his band Piola Vago” …so I investigated. This is the best advice I can give – STICK TO FOOTBALL PLEASE. Tweet Continue Reading →