Why I’m Interested In Scottish Football Again…

To those of us south of the border, there is nothing more boring than seeing the Old Firm clubs battle it out for yet another season. It’s one of the reasons why we discount Scottish football. Well, that and the ‘unique’ split system that occurs 33 games in to the season (a word of advice, scrap that nonsense).

Every now and then I get interested in Scottish football. Last time around it was when Walter Smith’s Rangers were aiming for a truly ridiculous quadruple, and in no thanks to the SFA fell just short.

But this season seeing Rangers crumble under their humongous debt; Neil Lennon behave like a spoilt brat despite walking the league; and seeing an all Edinburgh final for the Scottish Cup, has got me back interested in the SPL.

Many, including myself, are finding it funny that despite being set to win the league on merit – due to Rangers 10-point penalty – Celtic have now basically won by default. Even funnier still is Neil Lennon throwing his toys out of the pram in the Scottish Cup semi-final and insinuating conspiracy theories. Lose with a bit of dignity man! Even though you should have walked everything in sight.

And that leads me nicely onto the all-Edinburgh Scottish Cup final. Who’d have thought the final would be contested without one of the Old-firm clubs. Only 5 of the last 20 finals haven’t been won by one of Celtic and Rangers, and it is nice for us all to see they won’t even get a chance this year.

As for the story of Rangers, it has made for compelling viewing as of late, if not a tad overdramatic. Make no bones about it, they’re a big club – the biggest in Scotland and for them to go into administration is huge. The club, despite having continued success and Ibrox filled on a regular basis, weren’t able to pay a £9million tax bill which is embarrassing. Since administration a lot of anger has been directed at Craig Whyte, however it is important to look at those before him – who created this potentially £100million+ mountain of debt.

In my opinion, all Craig Whyte is guilty of is trying to get the club to weasel its way out of paying the tax due, which would have been beneficial to the club itself in the long run, just not its creditors. Talk of the club going into liquidation seem to have got a lot of opposition, but its a similar argument again. Create a new club, climb the leagues (which isn’t exactly hard in Scotland) and you have a debt free Rangers. Not bad ideas, just immoral.

Thanks to Rangers predicament Motherwell have been given a crack at qualifying for the Champions League. Just imagine Barcelona having to go to Fir Park on a cold wet tuesday evening. We’ll get to see what this Spanish fancypants are really made of then.

It just makes a nice change that there are other stories coming out, rather than same old same old. Here in England, we are never fed anything but RANGERS AND CELTIC!!! Long may it continue.