Top 10 of the Week: Celebrity Football Fans

Fact: Hitler was a Shalke fan. Today I delve into the world of celebriti, with a set of ten fans in mid that epitomise global stardom. Whether they are an actor, a musician, or, well – that’s all I have on here actually – they all share a ‘love’ for a certain team in England, or claim to at least.

10. Morrissey (Millwall or West Ham)

The former Smiths lead singer, may not be the most decorated A-lister on this list, but it is the irony that intrigues me. Morrissey is of course a liberal thinker, with non-violent liberal ideologies – which becomes clear when you listen to his music. Meat might be murder, but going to a Millwall game if you are, say, wearing a West Ham shirt, could see the same fate.

I have no doubt that the story concerning Morrissey wearing a Millwall shirt, with mobster on the back is more satirical, if not then a mere joke. You never know with him sometimes.

9. The Gallagher Brothers (Man City)

The Gallagher brothers, especially Noel, have become the spokesmen for City as of late. It is a journalistic norm to question them on the going-ons at Manchester City, and on a fan’s level they deliver, just about.

Famed for being in a band that idolises the Beatles, while being half decent themselves, The Gallagher’s decided to call it a day for Oasis in 2010. Shame.

Other Fans include: Ricky Hatton and Lee Dixon.

8. Piers Morgan (Arsenal)

You may be shocked that the biggest cock in the World is an Arsenal Fan; I Joke, he tells everyone he meets. Piers is a keen sports fan, once the editor at the mirror, now a full-time twat/ part-time journalist for the Daily Mail – It’s like smearing shit on, well, more shit.

Admittedly, Morgan knows his stuff about football, and when he is not talking about himself, he’s a decent enough journalist. But, it’s always about him and it bothers me. “The moment I woke up in New York on Wednesday”… I came to the self realisation that I was a knob? – It’s got to happen one day.

Other fans include: Prince Harry,  Spike Lee, Jay-Z (Who hinted at investing last year), Nick Hornby and Osama Bin Laden (I kid you not)

7 . Richard Attenborough (Chelsea)

The legendary filmmaker, actor, and older brother of David has been a life-long Chelsea fan. He recalls a time in a recent documentary, entitled Blue Revolution, that, “I went and stood on a bank with a packet of sandwiches with my girlfriend who I eventually married, principally because she agreed to follow Chelsea, and we’ve been going since 1942,”

The academy award winner, which he won for his direction in Ghandi, is now a Life President of Chelsea Football Club, which he has had the honour of doing since 2008.

Other fans include: Simon Pegg, Sir Michael Caine,  Damon Albarn, Suggs, Gordon Ramsey

6. Samuel L. Jackson (Liverpool)

Most of the Hollywood actors on this list, as you will soon learn, have only supported their chosen British football team after visiting the country for filming. Samuel L. Jackson was no different. He first fell in love with Liverpool while filming ‘The 51st State’ in the city in 2000.

While sampling another Royale with cheese, the actor was a guest at the Merseyside derby in October of 2000.  In that game the reds ran out 3-1 winners, courtesy of goals from Nick Barmby, Emile Heskey and Patrik Berger. I wonder if a result the other way might have turned him into a blue.

Other Fans include: Daniel Craig, Clive Owen, Elvis Costello, Dr. Dre, Billy Bob Thornton and John Peel.

5. Will Ferrell (Chelsea)

It’s hard to tell whether Hollywood actors take ‘soccer’ seriously in America. I for example would consider myself a fan of the Boston Celtics, if I was ever questioned about basketball. I could tell you that Paul Peirce, Kevin Garnett and Shaq O’Neil play for them, but could I tell you there position in the league. No.

I guess it’s the same thing from the other side of the Atlantic. Anyway, during Chelsea’s summer tour of America the A-listers where out in full force; the likes of Owen Wilson, Aston Kuther, Charlize Theron and Will Ferrell where in the stands, supporting the Blues as they cruised to a 2-0 victory against Inter Milan. Will was however wearing a 2006 shirt, so he gets top billing.

4. Sly Stalone (Everton)

Sly was paraded to 40,000 strong at Goodison in 2007, doing his best Rocky impression while he flew an Everton flag aloft. The reason for his visit was to assist his business partner, Robert Earl (owner of Planet Hollywood), in investing money into the club.

He is now one of the directors of Everton, but he might need more than his own money, and even beyond the wealth of Sly, to draw in some much needed transfer funds.

Other fans include: Paul McCartney and, oh, wait for it, Liz McClarnon

3. Elijah Wood (West Ham)

While filming Green Street, Elijah admitted that “West Ham stole (his) heart. I was hooked; I couldn’t wait for the next match.” He came to this conclusion after a 4-2 victory against Crewe. “I was in the Bobby Moore Stand, with the real fans, and that atmosphere had the most profound effect on me,” he says. “The passion and kinetic energy I felt was staggering, truly amazing. I know Crewe wasn’t the best of games to go to in terms of importance but we kicked their ass all the same.”

If you have not seen Green Street, the jist of it is that Elijah’s character comes over to England and becomes a football hooligan that is vindicated in some way. It’s quite painful to watch.

Other fans include: Barack Obama, Matt Damon, Alfred Hitchcock, Ray Winston and Russell Brand

2. Justin Timberlake (Manchester Utd)

Honestly, I am a big fan of JT – I am not however delighted that he supports the Red Devils. His commitment to the club seemed clear however when he told the Sun that , “I’m a Red!, I’m mates with Smithy so he’s my favourite player but Ronaldo doesn’t suck either, he’s awesome. I really like Rooney too.

“Smithy hooked me up with some tickets so I went to watch the home game against West Ham”

Shame it was Smithy’s last game for the club. But I’m still shocked that Justin Timberlake is friends with Alan Smith. Yeah, I know, the guy that hasn’t scored in four years, whereby JT certainly has…with chicks, you got that joke right?

Other fans include: Snoop Dogg, Richard Ashcroft, Mick Hucknall and Steve Coogan

1. Tom Hanks (Aston Villa)

Academy Award winner, Tom Hanks, is best known for his roles in Saving Private Ryan, Forrest Gump, Toy Story (as Woody, of course) and Big (to name but a few) But, his good taste in choosing what film to make did not come into play when he chose Aston Villa as a football club to support.

He admitted that “I’m big on Aston Villa because the name is so sweet; it sounds like a lovely spa”. Trust me Tom if you go to Villa it’s a world away from a Village spar, in fact picture Saving Private Ryan but with concrete.

Other fans include: Prince William and David Cameron

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