The Price of Success

I remember reading in the FourFourTwo season preview that around half of fans wish for the season was that their club would be taken over by a foreign billionaire.

There are plenty of examples where clubs have improved greatly under new investment, whether from abroad or overseas. There are also examples, such of the recent takeover of Portsmouth, George Reynolds legacy at Darlington and obviously my beloved Leeds where the dream has gone sour.

The recent takeover of the oldest club in the football league, Notts County, has brought about questions about whether the potential of success is worth the cost. Since the summer the club has gained experience in Sven Goren Erikson and talent in a raft of signings such as Kasper Schmeichel, these have helped them to 5th, a massive improvement from the near relegation of last season.

However the club has also lost parts of their past. The new owners have had a new badge designed and popular manager Ian McParland was sacked this week, despite fans chanting his name in his last game. These are just examples of the how the Notts County fans are to support in the coming years will not be the one they grew up with. Fans love their team not because they’re winning but because they always have. It’s heartbreaks along with the success.

This issue is particularly relevant as half of the Premiership teams will be under foreign ownership with Carson Yeung’s takeover of Birmingham. All these owners face the same challenge, retaining the clubs tradition while bringing about the changes that could lead to greater success.

So what do you think? Is it worth losing your teams heritage for big money signings? Is it just the present that make a club what it is or does history have a part to play?

a long suffering Leeds fan with a soft spot for home town Stoke and adopted home town Middlesbrough.


  • Ben

    As a spuds fan, we seem to always have a reasonable amount of money so i would prefer it if we remained under current ownership.

    Having said that, Daniel Levy is a bellend

  • Matt Pottinger

    I’d take absolutely anyone over Ken Bates