The Greatest Club on Earth?

Just thought I’d bring to attention this Soccerbible article about a special edition Barcelona shirt for their one-off game against Man City. Supporting their “More than a Club” campaign all proceeds from the auctioned off shirts will go to helping education and the availability of sports in Refugee camps.

Barcelona already pay Unicef to have their logo on the front of their shirt (An idea also brilliantly taken on by Aston Villa recently) and I personally think it’s brilliant to see a big club promoting charity during an economic crisis where other teams’ heavy spending is alienating them from their fans.

Top club, top attitude. Can’t wait to see them wipe the floor with Real Madrid this season.

A list of charities Inthestands promotes is available here if you’re feeling altruistic.

a Leeds United fan. He has experienced first hand the highs and lows encountered by so many football fans. To fill the void of top class football in his life Matt is also an obsessive Barcelona fan, and considers them the greatest example of footballing culture on the planet.