Sad to see… Injury forcing Dean Ashton to retire

This week has seen 22-year-old Ipswich keeper Shane Supple quit the game because he has fallen out of love with football (it’s a job too mate get over it) but it looks like Dean Ashton is having to retire due to health reasons.

Ashton has had constant ankle issues ever since Shaun Wright-Phillips accidentally broke it whilst training with the England national team. According to the Mirror, the doctor who treated Ashton’s ankle is saying that becoming wheelchair bound is a real possibility if he doesn’t quit the game now.

It’s sad to see as I saw Ashton as a real talent a few years back, he has always looked to be England’s replacement for Alan Shearer, except better. He is strong, quick, good in the air and a great finisher. He only got to play for England once as injury kept getting in the way which is a shame because I’m sure he would be a perfect partner to Rooney now.

Sad to see Dean having to retire, a real talent wasted…

Read more about Dean Ashton’s retirement here.


  • NickDunmore

    Sad for Ashton, I liked him a lot. Classy, often inventive player. Had a great partnership with Bent in the U21s.

    And in club interviews he enthused about biscuits and pizza.