Pottinger tackles… They think it’s all over


It isn’t yet…

Cluedo Leeds

Reading some of this shit just makes my brain explode. How on Earth is Ken Bates Leeds’ Chairman? He doesn’t own the club? He doesn’t know anyone who owns the club? It wouldn’t suprise me if Leeds were actually owned by Harry Potter, or those fucking dogs playing cards in that picture.

As soon as I think we’re working our way back into football something like this happens. Ken Bates shouldn’t be allowed to run a bath, nevermind a hugely supported football club that employs lots of people.

I actually think that no one owns Leeds. That everyone has cocked up so foully over the last few years that it’s just behind the sofa, and everyone is too afraid to say they think they own it because they might end up in prison, struggling with the soap, and sodomy. I reckon that if I walked into the Leeds boardroom confidently and simply declared “I own Leeds United” they’d give me the club. I’ll let you know.

Spartacus Leeds

Marching on together…

a Leeds United fan. He has experienced first hand the highs and lows encountered by so many football fans. To fill the void of top class football in his life Matt is also an obsessive Barcelona fan, and considers them the greatest example of footballing culture on the planet.


  • jamie_ohare

    Jesus Christ,

    What a fucking mess, there were more innapropriate connections and twists in that article than the family tree of some alabama folk.

    Shame is you know that it’s going to be the football club that suffers not our, at best questionable, chairman.

  • Ash

    surely there is someone out there in the world who is willing to buy this monumental club. it will be on the cheap as they are league 1 but with a bit of investment and buying back your assets they could be back in the prem where this club belongs