Loyalty prevails when faced with obscene riches…

Across the British media this morning it is reported that overrated and serial-crock John Terry is staying at Chelsea.

not going anywher

It looks like Roman’s trip to LA has done the job and John Terry is remaining at Chelsea. He has been offered a new contract and depending on what source you want to believe is between £150-£250k a week. It shows that Terry has stayed at Chelsea because of his love for the club and not being tempted away by the riches of Man City. Oh wait he was getting ridiculous wages at both offers.

Fantastic role model for kids is John Terry a man who Capello chose to be his England captain, despite Ferdinand or Gerrard being better options (Rio should be the only choice now that Gerrard is going to serve time). He only stayed for the money and not because of loyalty or ambition. I can see next year ending up with City finishing above the blues, as Ancelotti goes in search of Chelsea’s first European Cup. Doesn’t matter for Terry though because he will be spending most of the season injured…


  • MattyDub

    He only kept quiet so that Chelsea would offer him a new contract to stay…

  • MattyDub

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