Latest FIFA Rankings Puts Spain 1st, England 9th & Brazil 22nd!

England have dropped to ninth in the latest official FIFA rankings. Elsewhere, Spain held top place whilst Brazil plummeted to an all time low of 22nd!

Five-times world champions & World Cup 2014 hosts Brazil plummeted further down the rankings as they hit a record low of 22nd place in between Ghana and Mali.

2010 World Cup runners-up the Netherlands rose four places to fifth whereas the ever impressive Croatia stayed in fourth place behind Germany, Argentina and number one ranked Spain.

Here are the full rankings below with the according team’s previous ranking highlighted in brackets.

1. (1) Spain

2. (2) Germany

3. (3) Argentina

4. (4) Croatia

5. (9) Netherlands

6. (5) Portugal

7. (6) Colombia

8. (8) Italy

9. (7) England

10. (10) Ecuador

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  • marlon

    wow – pits spain first !