Lampard seeing the benefits of being a footballer…

Lucky boy Frank Lampard was approached by these girls, whilst on holiday in Ibiza because they wanted a picture with him. I’m not saying that anything happened following this picture, I’m just saying I wouldn’t mind if girls dressed like that approached me, wanting a picture with, yours truly. Just one of the many perks of being a pro footballer, lucky buggers.


Good thing for Lamps that he is no longer with ex-fiancée Elen Rives (you are not famous so stop wasting space in my tabloids), or else he would have been in trouble for this. Just like I will be with the missus for my previous comment, damn… Brought to you via The Sun


  • Matt Pottinger

    It’s the cross necklace that makes this photo

    “Me? A good christian man in a nightclub with two scantily clad young ladies? With my reputation?”

  • Mark

    Dont think ive ever seen lampard with a smile that big.

  • Shaw

    should of gone to Ibiza. Classy birds

  • nazreen

    “Dont think ive ever seen lampard with a smile that big.”

    u damn rite mark hahhaa