The Daily Rant…Fifa 11

On the 1st of October most of us will be either flocking in our drones to the shops, or  sitting tentatively by the post box for one reason: FIFA 11. This article will help you save some money as you prepare to make one of the essential purchases of the year…

If your an ‘arry Redknapp wheeler, dealer then getting the game upon release at Tesco might be a risk worth taking. As Computer video games points out: ‘Tesco famously cut the price of Halo Reach to £28 on the day of release’. So it may be worth the punt, especially if  the likes of Asda and Morrison’s decide to compete.

I didn’t want to take the risk, nor did I want to leave my house, so I pre-ordered on-line. Their are various deals to go for, I will list them:

  • At HMV the game is £39.99 but you get a free t-shirt (that looks terrible)
  • The likely lads Play and Amazon sell the game for £37.99 and £35.93 , respectively.
  • sell fifa for £34.85 , I’m unsure about delivery however.
  • The Games Collection are however cheaper at: £33.99
  • I bought mine from Paying £34.85
  • All examples offer free delivery in the UK.

Hope that helps. Thanks to

here for the footballing journey.


  • Ben

    I think each of the supermarkets get one big game that they then sell cheap. Tesco got fifa last year, and then each of the other places (asda, morrisons etc) got pro evo or cod etc. So check each of them for the best deal.