Cristiano Ronaldo to retire within four months!

You heard it here first! Unless you have been on the dailymail site prior to this which would make us second. But a worthy second I reckon.


And I hear you saying HOW? How could Ronaldo, the current World player of the year, be retiring in four months time. Well apparently a witch has placed a hex on the former Man Utd man after a former girlfriend hired him (him!, a man witch, oh dear). Ronaldo is currently out of action with an ankle injury, which the witchdoctor claims was due to said hex.

Eventhough the current injury should not keep the Ballon d’Or winner out for too long, this ‘voodoo attacker’ expects Ronaldo to receive numerous injuries after which will force him to retire.

The witchdoctor has also said that if anyone attempts a counter-hex to save the career of Ronaldo, it will only make it worse, due to the enormous power of the current hex.

Hmmm, anyone else wonder about the validity of this?