Cristiano Ronaldo Slams Lionel Messi After Denmark Taunts!

Cristiano Ronaldo launched a stinging attack on Lionel Messi after being jeered by Danish fans during Portugal’s 3-2 win over Denmark.

Ronaldo was subjected to merciless taunts as Danish fans chanted Lionel Messi’s name whenever the Portuguese captain touched the ball.

It appeared to work magic as well as Ronaldo contrived to miss two one-on-one’s, both with the goal gaping as the world’s most expensive player put in another average performance for La Selecção.

Asked about the chanting after the match a furious Ronaldo lashed out at Lionel Messi who, he pointed out, was just as poor if not worse during Argentina’s Copa America disaster in 2011.

“You know where he was at this time [last year]? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country,” Ronaldo fumed. “I think that’s worse, no?!”

Well…clearly ‘Ronnie’s’ footy knowledge is a tad rusty as Messi went out in the Copa America quarter-finals to eventual winners Uruguay – a marked difference than if Ronaldo gets eliminated in the group stages.

Moreover, why does he have to bash Messi to make himself feel better? Portugal won the match against Denmark but not because of Ronaldo, and likewise, Argentina flopped in the Copa America last year but not because of Messi.

If Ronaldo wants to ‘compare’ himself to the Three-Time-Player-of-the-Year would it not be better to compare so based on recent events?
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Now lets see, Ronaldo failed to net against Denmark and was average against Germany; Messi just smashed home a hat-trick against Brazil.

Hmmm…I wonder which one preponderates?!


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