Chelsea Captain John Terry To Sign For Hull…NOT

Nope it is not true, its just a clever roost to draw you in so that you can read a rather tame article which tells you about nothing.

Hey, but do not blame us here at In The Stands. It was The Sun who ran with the headline ‘John Terry wants to sign for Hull’ only to tell stunned readers several lines later that ‘Hull’ is actually a £430,000 yacht the Chelsea captain is staying in whilst on holiday. Apparently he wants to buy it?!

A source quoted by the red top paper said: “He loves the boat. He’s looked at several and often talks about wanting one.”

If that is the case the headline should really have read, ‘John Terry Enjoys A Day Out in the Sun On a Yacht’. That would have garnered a lot more views than the petty 710,000 reads currently had.

Sigh…the off-season is a tough period for us footy journalists so we presume you understand when, football-starved, we resort to desperate measures and stories to get our ‘fix’.

Thereby the petty stories (Beckham goes to the barbers), outrageous transfer speculation (Ronaldo to join Bolton), as well as non-football related topics (Tulisa dumps Danny Simpson) preponderate in a way not possible during the on-season.

Next article to run with includes, Rio Ferdinand sneezes at an airport, Lionel Messi’s son kicks a ball and Lethal B goes on the Emirates Stadium tour! Hey, the last one is true by the way.


  • Fat Nakago

    You have to admit though, that it would be kind of funny, and kind of awesome, in a strange way, if it WAS true.

  • jason

    he really signs !