Carl Jenkinson Shows Off His Snazzy Bedroom

Arsenal’s 20-year-old full-back Carl Jenkinson is one of a dying breed… he’s actually a fan of the team he plays for and he’s not afraid to show it.

Jenkinson was happy to show off his bedroom from the family home, which has been left untouched since his childhood and has Arsenal adorning every available space.

In a day and age where football is full of mercenaries, a problem his club in particular has faced, it’s nice to see a fan get the chance to play for his first love.

When I was younger my bedroom was fully kitted out with Man Utd merchandise including; wallpaper, wallpaper border, light shade, lamp, rug, duvet, curtains, alarm clock, mini figures of the 1995 squad, a framed photo of Old Trafford and even my teddy bear wore a United shirt with Andy Cole #17 on the back.

I wasn’t ashamed of it and it’s nice to see that Jenkinson isn’t either.


  • Timcee Timosky

    I share ur passion for the game and your love for Arsenal! Gooners gaming, winning, breaking records and setting new records.