Bad News For Cheryl As Ashley Cole Sleeps With Rihanna’s Dancer!

Chelsea defender Ashley Cole has let his gigantic libido get the better of him once again as he bedded a backup dancer for Rihanna at his marital home in Surrey.

The news, broken by The Sun is sure to shock ex-wife Cheryl Cole who is rumoured to be contemplating taking her ex-husband back after the couple’s acrimonious split.

Cole allegedly met red-haired sisters Carla and Melissa Howe at private Central London club Jet Black before both were asked to ‘showcase’ their dancing skills outside their house on Tuesday as Ashley Cole’s driver watched on.

One of the sisters – Melissa – was then whisked away to spend the night with the Chelsea defender at his marital home in Godalming, Surrey, where, what the couple got up to is anybodies guess!

“The way she was chosen was sick, but she says she had a really great time with Ashley,” a friend close to Melissa Howe, 21, told The Sun.

“She’s obviously starry-eyed now and is hoping a relationship develops. He’s told her it’s no problem for them to see one another again. Cheryl didn’t come into it,” the friend added.

In addition, Cole also chatted to a ‘random blonde’ he met at the VIP entrance to Rihanna’s gig at the 02 after she caught his eye, before asking her to accompany him home.

A witness, Claire Jeive, who attended the show with friends, told The Sun

“We saw Ashley after the show and asked for an autograph. He seemed happy to do it but then this blonde caught his eye.

“He walked straight over to her. When he found out she was a dancer, he escorted her to his chauffeur-driven car and off they went!”

What this has got to do with football we don’t know. Whether we care is perhaps irrelevant, but Ashley’s Cole’s behaviour off the field sure garners himself some seriously negative headlines.