ITS Picture Competition… Liverpool 2010 Kit

Seeing as those savvy financial folk down at Liverpool have secured a £20 million a year deal shirt sponsorship with Standard Chartered, (one that should just about equal Manchester United’s Aon deal) I have decided to flex my graphic designer muscles and design what I think the kit will look like next year…


As you can see I have used the iconic Candy top and plastered Standard Chartered over the top. I reckon Liverpool will go down the retro look route seeing as everyone is doing it and it will give them a chance to come up with an excuse for only using it for a year. “oh it is the 20th anniversary SINCE WE WERE LAST CHAMPIONS!”, you know something along those lines.

Anyway come up with your own kit if you reckon you can do better and email it to us. Not likely though, I am the king of Microsoft Paint…


  • Andy

    Gunna be weird without Carlsberg. Hope the kit looks nothing like that one though.

  • Ben

    lol, i agree, that is an epic fail of a shirt