What haircut should you have this season?

If Pottinger can do girly magazine charts (that men secretly love) then so can I. This flow chart will hopefully give you ammunition for the next time you go to the barbers.

Hair quiz

I hope you have found one that suits you!

here for the footballing journey.


  • http://www.youreglad.blogspot.com Matt Pottinger


    Created with such finesse

    Sir, I take my hat off to you

  • Ben

    i only question the bit where u ask if u give a shit about your hair. A man doesnt and yet u said ‘ur a typical fella’ if u say yes.
    Sounds questionable to me, me finks ur a gayer

  • Ash

    but i cant grow an afro =(

    fellaini and jo the hair bear bunch, if only i could be the third

  • lordmorys

    “if your a cisse i suggest an orange afro”
    i’m going to rape you in september

    plus learn to use photoshop