Watch Beautiful Everton Girl’s Reaction To Andy Carroll Goal!

Andy Carroll headed the winning goal as Liverpool beat Everton 2-1 to book a place in the FA Cup final. But it was the reaction of an amazingly beautiful Everton fan which stood out!
As Carroll soared high to nod home the winner three minutes from time, the elation amongst Liverpool fans was inpalpable. This being so you can only imagine how gutted Everton fans must have felt after missing out on an FA Cup final place to their great rivals.

One particular Toffees fan showed all her emotions – or lack of it – by putting on perhaps the glummest face the world has ever seen.

It was made all the more special because the, as yet, unnamed lady, was, quite simply hot! Her dark, flowing hair, large eyes, clear skin and well moulded facial features were all eclipsed by the sadness which pervaded her.

Watch the clip above from the 5 second mark. The beautiful Everton fan in question is the girl on the right. Andy Carroll you monster!


  • Daily Mail

     Shes no Samantha Brick…….haha

  • SammySammy

    but she is very pretty though! wow!!!  id happily put an arm around her and say its alright Girl…you can have dinner with me instead!