Fantasy Football

As we continue to create the ultimate football website here at the In The Stands head office, we have decided to create a section devoted to fantasy football.

As the season approaches we will be providing tips on how to assemble a good team and once the season commences we will have weekly updates on who is scoring you the most points.

To set yourself up a fantasy football side on the official Premier League (click on the banner below for the link). Log in to the site (register if you haven’t before) and create your side from 100 points available. Something along these lines, but don’t copy it!!!…


Once you have done that and your team is set up, click on leagues in the top left corner. Under the create/join tab, scroll down and you should be able to enter a code to join a private league. The code is 1678126-327521 you require and then you should be part of our league.

Don’t worry about costs, it doesn’t cost a penny. With followers from their site and this, the competition will be fierce with those the most successful winning prizes.

Setting Up Your Team

You are given £100 million to spend on your squad which must include:
-2 Goalkeepers
-5 Defenders
-5 Midfielders
-3 Forwards

Some important rules

Your team can play any formation as long as you have included a goalkeeper and at least three defenders and one striker.

Players can only play in their designated positions.

You captain will earn you double points and if he doesn’t play there will be an emergency substitution with the next highest value of player.

For the full set of rules visit the Premier League website.

How players score points

For playing in a game (+1)
For playing at least 60 minutes in a game (includes playing points mentioned above) (+2)
For each goal scored by your goalkeeper or defenders (+6)
For each goal scored by your midfielders (+5)
For each goal scored by your forwards (+4)
For each goal assist (+3)
For your goalkeeper / defender conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) (+4)
For your midfielder conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) (+1)
For every 3 shot saves made by your goalkeeper (+1)
For every penalty save (+5)
For every penalty miss (-2)
Bonus points for the best players in a match (+1,+2,+3) awarded to three best players in the match
For every 2 goals conceded by your goalkeeper or defenders (-1)
For every yellow card (-1)
For every red card (includes any yellow card points) (-3)
If a player receives a red card, they will continue to be penalised for goals conceded by their team.

# Important note #

If your goalkeeper plays no part in the Gameweek, then the computer will substitute him for your replacement goalkeeper, if he played in the Gameweek.

If any of your outfield players play no part in the Gameweek, then the computer will try to substitute the inactive player for one of your replacements. This is done by replacing him with your highest priority substitute who actually played in the Gameweek and doesn’t break the formation rules.

Our recommendations


-If you are looking to save money, buy two goalkeepers who are unlikely to start at all. e.g Pollitt (Wigan), Stech (West Ham)

-If you want to earn serious points from your keeper pick a top keeper, who is likely to keep clean sheets and play. e.g Reina (Liverpool), Cech (Chelsea)

Tip: Last year Howard (Everton) and Schwarzer (Fulham) were in the top four as they didn’t concede many as they were in a good team and they got game time.

Not recommended - if you pick two half decent keepers, you will be penalised every time they concede a goal. e.g Myhill (Hull)


-A goalscoring defender will earn you a lot of points. e.g Vidic (Man Utd), Lescott (Everton)

-A defender who is part of a solid defensive unit, that doesn’t let in goals is very useful also. e.g Hangeland (Fulham)

-A defender who gets assists is also useful. e.g Bosingwa (Chelsea)

Tip: Ab. Faye (Stoke) earned a good amount of points last year for a cheap buy, Cahill (Bolton) looks set to chip in with a good amount of goals and he is a starter. For those not afraid to splash the cash Vidic (Man Utd) and Lescott (Everton) look to be your best bet.

Not recommended: Try not to go for a defender just because he will get a lot of game time, if the defence leaks goals he won’t earn you much.

Info on midfielders and forwards coming soon…

If you are interested in getting all of the latest football scores from games taking place around the globe, then make sure you head over to today!

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