Is Thierry Henry’s Loan Return To Arsenal A Good Or Bad Thing?

Arsenal are set to offer club legend Thierry Henry a two-month loan deal but is coach Arsene Wenger right to resign the French striker?

There can be no doubt that Thierry Henry is Arsenal’s greatest ever forward and having been voted as the Premier League’s best ever foreign import in a SKY One poll – is, was and will forever be a name associated with greatness within English football.

226 goals, tons of assists, PFA Player of The Year awards, Golden Boots, not one but two Goal of the Seasons, twice runners-up in the FIFA World Player of The Year, jaw-droppingly great goals and a trophy cabinet boasting every single major cup in world football.

Those are but some of the accolades bestowing ‘Titi’ – that is Thierry Henry for those non-Gooners not familiar with the Paris-born star’s nickname in the North London terraces.

With such a celebrated list it would be hard to imagine why the news that Arsenal are set to offer Henry a two-month loan deal has not got Arsenal fans everywhere particularly stirred.

What ever could be wrong? What is the problem? Why has the return of somebody who was an inimical part of Arsenal’s years of success between 1999 and 2006 failed to arouse frustrated Gunners fans?

In The Stands duly investigates by weighing up the negatives associated with Thierry Henry returning back to North London.

No, Arsene Wenger Should Not Resign Thierry Henry, it is a Bad Move. No sooner had the news been announced had the schismatic debates began thus polarizing Arsenal fans firmly into the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’ camp.

Thierry Henry Is Past It

The first point of justification against the signing of Thierry Henry is based on a sporting level.

Simply put…Henry is past it and has been for some time. He is 34-years-old, he has lost his speed, as well as his acceleration (his strongest asset) and anybody who saw him play for Barcelona his final season in Spain will know this.

It is one thing to score all those goals in the MLS, but lest we remind you that it is the New York Red Bulls, in the American ‘Soccer’ League. Enough said!

Thierry Henry’s Presence Could Affect The Younger Players For The Worse

The psychological impact of bringing back Henry could create a burden for the current crop of Arsenal stars.

Part of the reason why Henry was shipped out to Barcelona in 2007 was precisely because he had become cancerous in the dressing room and his intimidating presence did not allow the other younger players to express themselves.

It is no coincidence that when he left, Arsenal came mighty close to winning the 2007/2008 Premier League title.

Arsenal fans will recall Henry’s shameful sulking shenanigans particularly during the 2005/2006 and the 2006/2007 season when for example he disgracefully and openly lambasted Alexandre Song at Craven Cottage. It is something a fragile Gunners team could do without at present.

Why Wasn’t A Statute Of Ian Wright Put Up?

Yes, Henry is a club legend. Does he deserve a statute outside the Emirates Stadium? Of course. That is undeniable. But so does Patrick Vieira, Sol Campbell, Martin Keown, Robert Pires and especially a former Arsenal striker by the name of Ian Wright.

179 – just did it! Who can forget that? The majority of the goals coming in an Arsenal team racked with off-pitch issues, mid-table scraps and painfully boring, not to mention average players.

It seems that the Arsenal-Thierry Henry love affair sometimes goes overboard especially on a player who, at one point, was threatening to become bigger than the club.

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