8 Reasons Why England Didn’t Win the 2018 World Cup Bid (Part 2)

Part two of my eight reasons for England’s failure to win the World Cup bid, read part one here…

5. Football is already massively followed

FIFA’s motto is: For the Game, For the World – which says a lot about what they want to achieve as a governing body.  England already represents football, aside from Real Madrid, Manchester United are the most supported club in the World whereas the likes of Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham also have a huge  global following.

Of the four teams that gain qualification for the Champions League it is a rarity to see them fail to progress past the group stages.  The Premier League is also the most continental league in the World; just look at this list

So, what can FIFA offer in terms of improving football around the World in England? The answer is not a lot – the sport is, and will always be, a global phenomenon here.

6. The infrastructure is already here

As an additional point to the above statement, we already have everything in place. We could (if we actually tried) host the World Cup next week. England already have the highest amount of 5* FIFA approved stadia: Old Trafford, Wembley, The Emirates, The Stadium of Light, St. James Park and the City of Manchester stadium, with the Olympic Stadium on its way.

The use of 40k plus stadiums such as Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Villa Park and even Twickenham or the Millennium stadium (if the welsh are kind enough)

England, as the video points out already has all the facilities needed…Not much fun for FIFA then?

7. The World Cup will help Russia’s growth

According to the World Finance Review Russia’s GDB has grown in 2010 to 3.4%. But their economic re-growth is currently limited, they say that:

the Russian economy has improved, supported by growing prices for crude hydrocarbons and metals, and yet the situation in the processing sector remains miserable. Its share in the total annual production went down by 11% and now is only about 30%. We can, therefore, only confirm that some economic recovery has started, but fast and quality growth cannot be expected earlier than in 2012, according to our estimates

Hopefully, by building new stadia, new jobs can be made, but at a rate that will complement the economic recovery, rather than undermining it, in the way that it did with South Africa.

The critics say that this is an elite event, for wealthy athletes and affluent spectators, at a cost of $5-billion in government funds, and it provides little direct benefit to the largely impoverished people of this country. - Link

FIFA are aware of this. Their body made a profit of £1 billion at the World Cup and little of this has gone towards helping those less fortunate in South Africa. This brings me onto my next point…

8. More money is to be made by FIFA abroad

With global exposure comes global capital, and football is certainly live up to this exposure. FIFA gain billion’s a year from sponsorship – McDonalds, Coca-cola, Adidas, Nike e.t.c are prepared to pay over the odds to brand their products with the FIFA World Cup symbol, because it is such a powerful global brand. FIFA can also charge outrageous amounts for the rights to games across thousands of counties because their County will almost demand access to it.

Now I know you many ask, why would this be different is any other country? Well for Russia, there is a willingness to bring investment into their country. Most recently they have decided to reduce their capital tax for companies coming into Russia. Encouraging for FIFA, also this willingness for investment, for a county dominated by its oil industry, are likely to play ball with FIFA’s demands. Something I couldn’t see with England’s already established economy (although it is struggling at the moment), Are FIFA following the money?

here for the footballing journey.


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