VIDEO: “Fuck Them!” Carlos Tevez Caught Cursing & Mocking Manchester City!

Carlos Tevez is in trouble again after being caught on video mocking Manchester City by saying “Fuck them” whilst onstage with Argentine musician Jimenez Rufino

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Tevez has been frozen out of the limelight at Eastlands after his refusal to come on as a substitute during Manchester City’s 2-0 defeat to Bayern Munich in their UEFA Champions League Group A match at the Allianz Arena back in September.

City boss Roberto Mancini has insisted that the former captain will never play for the club again whilst he is at the helm and Tevez has all but resigned himself to a career away from the Etihad Stadium but not without some parting shots first.

The former West Ham ace is currently on holiday with family and friends in Cordoba, 400 miles north west of Argentine capital Buenos Aires and whilst on stage with his pot-bellied Argentine musician friend Juan Carlos Jimenez Rufino, Tevez openly mocked the Blues.

“Que se caguen!” the pair joked, which to you and I means “Fuck them (Manchester City)!”