Did I Just See That?

Who: Alan Pardew When: A year ago on MOTD Where: The Match of the Day studios  What: A classic bit of commentary!

I remember watching this Match of the Day and I was instantly shocked but then filled with glee. Commentary should be more like this and Pardew is by far better than the ‘y’know’ generation guests such as Kev Phillips and Robbie Savage. The comment led to 35 complaints to the BBC, which is always good to see, unless your the MOTD P.R guy who probably had to rectify the problem come Monday morning. But Pardew is not the only culprit of saying ‘rape’, I have also come across this…

It saddens me that they only time you can say ‘rape’ is if you are shouting from down an ally after a night out on Saturday. Even then you are more likely to get help if you shout fire! I joke of course, I guess it is a word that does carry some stigma…despite it being a poor means of drawing attention these days.

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