Top 10 of the Week – Euro 2012 Premiership Transfer Targets

With the Euro’s starting tonight, I thought I would give you the low-down on ten potential players looking to use the competition as their proverbial shop window. 10. Rasmus Elm (AZ, 24) You could say Elm was ready made for the Premiership. Essentially, he poses the same attacking potential as Mortern Gamst Pederson – known as a specialist of the Long-throw and free-kick. Elm also has family ties in the premiership with his brother David lining the star-studded bench of Fulham. Potential ... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Best Penalty Kicks Ever

In the wake of Robin Van Persie scoring a delightfully lobbed penalty kick during Arsenal’s 3-0 win over relegation-threatened Wolves,In The Stands recalls some of the best spot kicks ever. 1. Johann Cruyff – Ajax v Helmond Sport Cruyff was a genius. That is undoubted. But what made him such a footballing God was his ability to pull off, what seemed at the time, incomprehensible. Like for example his decision to perform a neat little one-two in ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Football Moments From The Noughties

From superlative volleys to the collapse of several big clubs the Noughties was a decade whereby football witnessed some of its most iconic and unforgettable moments. As the football world moves into a new decade it is necessary to reflect on the moments which lit up, and defined the Noughties. 10. Germany 0-2 Italy, World Cup 2006, Semi-Final. Two of Europe’s most successful footballing nations produced an absolute classic in Dortmund’s Westfalenstadion in the 2006 World Cup Semi-Final. Prior ... Continue Reading →

10 Strange Premier League Transfers

Since the Premier League formed in 1992, there have been thousands of players coming in and out of the various clubs over the past 20 years. Some transfers work out spectacularly and some flop but most are made with the best of intentions. However, sometimes, certain transfers make you stand up and take notice. They make you wonder what the human thought process was behind making a multi-million decision on a bizarre player that just doesn’t feel “right” for the club. Also, the reality ... Continue Reading →

ITS’ Top 10 Football Moments of 2011

What a year 2011 was for Football! We have had fireworks, management fallouts, enthralling top-of-the-table encounters, relegation scraps and transfer embargos to drive any football fan round the twist. So without wetting your appetite any further, here is In The Stands’ top ten football moments of 2011. 10. Swansea’s One Minute Clap and  the Death of Gary Speed I start our top 10 moments of the year with one of the worst news stories I have heard in my adult life: the death of Wales ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week: Marmite Players

Footballers are very much like Marmite, you either love them or hate them. So, for out Top 10 of the week this week we have listed those who emulate the slogan incorporated by our favourite yeast extract… 10. Roy ‘Keano’ Keane Love: Perhaps the only born leader of his generation. Hate: In my eyes, he cannot be forgiven for THAT challenge on Alf-Inge Haaland. But, that said, he at least admitted in his book that he purposefully set out to end a players career – so you can’t ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week: Players to Consider for the Euro 2012 squad

With England through to the European Championships in 2012, what ten players should Fabio Capello trail between now and when he decides on his 23-man squad. Lets face it, In 2012 Fabio Capello will probably pick these 23 players: Hart, Carson, Fielding, Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ferdinand, P. Jones, Jagielka/ C. Smalling, G.Johnson, Downing, Young, Milner/ Barry, Parker, Wilshere, Gerrard, Lampard, Walcott/ A. Johnson, Rooney, Defoe/ Crouch, Bent, Carroll But he really should consider his options…  10. ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week: Hipster and Indie Footballers

Apparently, it’s cool to walk around with a bike with no gears and no brakes, to wear thick rimmed glasses despite having perfect 20-20 vision, to quote Friedrich Nietzsche and to recite poems, and to be more tattooed that Travis Barker. Well obviously that’s the case because every footballer seems to be doing it. So get your sheepish swager on, get out your wayfarer’s, boat shoes and chinos out and join in….before anyone else does. Too late everyone is doing it! 10. Theo ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week – Surviving the summer break…

There are no matches on TV worth watching, your Sunday league team is down to 8 people while everyone takes a holiday – rendering training as pointless, and there is nothing to good to read beyond ridiculous transfer rumours.  But fear not  because ITS are about to give you ten ways to keep football in your life… 10. Play football games We’ll start off quite simple by suggesting that you invite some mates round for a fifa marathon. Complemented by a few brewskys this should keep ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the week – Injuries both funny and ugly.

We are cheating a bit this week by breaking our top 10 into two parts. The reason for this is because injuries fall into three different categories. 1) Boring. They pulled their hammy, waaa,  2) Stupid footballer’s getting injured in unorthodox ways (our personal favourite) and 3) horrible leg breaks that turn your stomach (The two later make this list…) The funnies 10. Leroy Lita If you’re Leroy Lita you are more likely to injure yourself while resting in comparison ... Continue Reading →

Top Ten of the Week: How England can get as good as Spain…

As we all know playing like Barcelona is the only way forward and if we don’t follow suit the World will crumble into a murky abyss filled to the brim with paella. Soon, full English’s will become continental breakfasts and cups of tea will, of course, befall to coffee… Wanna eat this puke!?!?! So do we compete, changing our ideology as a country of ‘brave-hearts’ and ‘warriors’, so that we play  ’pretty patterns’ football (ITV, 2011)? Honestly I do not know, but ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 of the Week – Football Songs

Music and football have a long serving link, acting as a catalyst for fans to get behind their team/ country. This week InTheStands picks out ten of our favourite anthems… 10. Adam and Joe – Football Song Certainly parodic yet impulsively entertaining; Adam and Joe released this song in reaction to the terrible football songs of the past. This is in fact their second World Cup version and lyrically it’s fantastically terrible just like it’s original: “when I go see Spain I drink a ... Continue Reading →