Ultimate Football Kit Quiz iPhone App

At In The Stands we love a good addictive iPhone game and that’s why we’re playing the Ultimate Football Kit Quiz iPhone App. This is no walk in the park, it’s tricky, but perfectly doable. This really will test your knowledge of football, its not like the other kit quizzes out there that you can sail through in 5 minutes. All you have to do is guess the kit from the snapshot, and believe us some of them are very hard Think you know your football? Then download for iPhone here Tweet Continue Reading →

Paraguyan gets 27 game ban for strangling ref…

Not sure what was through this guys mind when he thought doing a bit of Duncan Ferguson was a good idea. Gotta love the way sends him off almost straight away. Tweet Continue Reading →

Fabio Capello Bullying Stuart Pearce

To be honest, i hate Capello. His performance is the world cup was terrible, he made some of the most awful tactical decisions i’ve ever seen. This video just fuels my hatred for him. I just dont know how Stuart Pearce kept so calm. Tweet Continue Reading →

Terry Butcher tells us what he thinks Englands best 11 is.

Our good friends over a Coral Dugout gave us the chance to ask Terry Butcher one question. So deciding against asking anything Maradona related, we decided as it was the World Cup, we thought we’d ask him what he thought Englands best 11 is…. Check back for more like this soon… Tweet Continue Reading →

WIN! a Personalised England Away Shirt

We’ve teamed up with Coral to give away a personalised England Away Shirt with ‘ I BELIEVE’ and number 10 on the back (Size Large) – Scroll down for how to win. We all know who Coral are and what they do, but if you dont, They are one of the UKs leading betting companies and have some great offers this World Cup. Sign up over at www.coraldugout.com now to receive a free £20 bet this World Cup! How to Win. 1. You must be signed up to both Ours and Coral Dugouts Facebook ... Continue Reading →

We’re Back….At last

I know i know its been a while. We’ve missed loads… Chelsea crowned as champions, The England squad, The Capello Index… which i think is a great idea. Anyway enough of that we’re just in time for the UEFA Cup Final. Tweet Continue Reading →

Chris Kamara does it again

This gets funnier everytime i watch it, Chris Kamara missing Vanden Borre getting sent off at Fratton Park, thinking it was a substitution Tweet Continue Reading →

Fulhams Secret Uncovered

Theres no hiding that Fulham have been very impressive in the UEFA Cup. Here at ITS we uncover the secret tactic, Roy Hodgson has deployed Fulham have taken shitting on teams to a whole new level Tweet Continue Reading →

Japanese Football 11 vs 100

A strange one this, here is a video of Cerezo Osaka FC playing 11 vs 100 schoolkids. The first goal on 5 minutes is definitely worth watching. Final Score 3-2 to Cerezo Tweet Continue Reading →

To Wayne im sorry

Two autograph hunters try and trick John Terry into writing, Sorry to ‘Wayne’. According to the info on the video he wrote: “To Wayne, best wishes.” Tweet Continue Reading →

Footballer becomes first player to be jailed for horror tackle…

A sunday league footballer has become the first player in history to be jailed for a bad tackle. Mark Chapman’s reckless challenge shattered father-of-two Terry Johnson’s leg in two places and ended his chances of ever playing again. The 20-year-old Sunday league player was charged with grievous bodily harm, and today he began a six-month jail term after a judge accused him of meting out ‘wanton violence’. While footballers have been sent to prison before for punching opponents ... Continue Reading →

Aaron Ramsey Leg Break Video

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